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Year: 2003

Client: Arena Eiendom / Eiendomsspar

Location: Tønsberg Gressbane


NSW received first prize in an architectural competition organized by Arena Eiendom and later Eiendomsspar. Tønsberg Football Club needed a modern stadium with good grandstand facilities. The business concept underlying the project was that residential housing and commercial premises in the grandstand building should finance the football stadium. Consequently all parts of the project were developed simultaneously.

The housing is situated to the south of the stadium adjacent to Trudvangveien and forms an extension of the residential area bordering the stadium complex. The existing gardens to the south inspired the creation of a varied and partly secluded courtyards, lavishly planted and allowing room for play and relaxation. The building volumes are split to harmonize with the existing scale to the south.

78 apartments are distributed within five buildings that vary between three and four storeys in height in addition to a recessed top storey where apartments have roof access via their top lounge. The apartments vary in size – from 68 m2 to 155 m2. Most apartments have large balconies facing west and the top floor apartments have views of the town and the fjord. The facades play on the contrast between open and closed areas that give the impression of a smaller scale related to the adjacent housing. Timber is the dominating material in the facades. The balconies are partly recessed and are designed with light handrails and balustrades in steel and glass. 

Commercial premises in the grandstand building are given exposure through large expanses of glass. The rhythmic divisions of the facade mirror the entrances to the football arena between the load bearing structures of the grandstand roof.

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