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Year: 2017

Client: NTNU Eiendom (University)

Location: Trondheim city


The project consists of two wooden houses from approximately 1890. Originally the buildings were built for housing purposes, and the client (the University), wished to develop this further and convert it into 13 apartments.

The project is beautifully located next to the protected University-park and very close to the city centre. The two houses are also a part of a small picturesque cluster of old wooden houses called “Grensen”.

The buildings are two of Trondheims listed buildings and the exterior wooden facades, with their ornaments and details, where to be kept in original shape as far as possible. However, the poor condition of the houses, made it necessary to replace most of the existing basement and large parts of the interior.

To maintain the character and atmosphere of the old wooden architecture and the buildingstyle of the houses called “Sveitserstil”, the originally wooden details and ornaments on exterior facades were kept or reconstructed to make the facades as authentic as possible. Inside, original wooden details for moldings and doors were reconstructed, and three of the original wood staircases were kept.

The main focus was on tradition and quality in terms of details, materials and colours and to keep the atmosphere of the original building – “sveitserhus” – both inside and for the exterior facades, in addition to the outdoor spaces with a backyard and garden.

NSW contributed to this project as architect, designteam coordinator and responsible applicant towards the official authorities.

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