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Year: 2003

Client: Nedre Elvehavn AS

Location: Trondheim, Norway


There already exist a series of bridges over the Nidelven River, connecting the city centre of Trondheim, but there has long been a need for a pedestrian and cycle connection from Nedre Elvehavn to the city centre. The flower bridge (Verftsbrua) project came to fruition in connection with the construction of the Rica Nidelven Hotel with Nedre Elvehavn AS as the main client, and is now the city’s most used footbridge.

Trondheim’s Harbour authorities stipulated a requirement for a clear height of 6 meters below the bridge, being capable of opening up for a total width of 15 meters. The sight lines to the fjord had to be maintained with as little restriction as possible. Additionally, NSW wanted the bridge to appear as light as possible without masts or towers.

The solution was to provide a sliding bridge where half the bridge can be opened by moving it towards the riverbank by a system of cogwheels. 16 meters of the deck disappears into the ground within the construction below a hydraulic cover. The bridge is borne by a set of paired columns sheathed in stainless steel, like pitchforks marching across the river. 

The bridge changes character with the seasons. 350 zinc flower trays are integrated in the sides of the bridge. The plants are changed at every season, like Vivaldi’s famous piece. The result is 250 meters of closely placed plants, giving a distinct graphical line along the handrails. 

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