Tlf: (555) 343 456 7891


Year: 2012

Client: Homannsbyen Eiendom AS

Location: Svolvær, Lofoten


Svolvær is the capital of Lofoten, the exceptionally beautiful island community north of the Arctic circle. Svolvær town is orientated towards a sheltered harbour, dominated by snow capped mountains surrounding the town. This unusual setting has given inspiration to the building complex on the very quay front, also to the varied roof scape.

The design attempts to interpret the landscape qualities as well as inspiration from the traditional fishing community, both in siting and orientation. This gives added qualities compared with traditional Norwegian housing. All windows facing the quay have glass stretching from floor to ceiling, optimising the views and inviting the ‘theatre’ of this exceptional fishing port into the living rooms.

An unusual quality has been built into one of the apartments. Translucent glass between living room and bathroom brings another dimension to this Lofoten experience, bringing sunshine and varied light conditions all the way into the bathroom, which changes according to seasons and time of day. The colour of the glass also changes with the light conditions, from green to yellow.

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