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Year: 2011

Client: Realinvest

Location: Trondheim


Leangen Centre forms part of the extensive development plan for the Leangen area. The company Realinvest commissioned NSW to prepare an architectural solution for the southernmost site in the plan – the old KBS shopping centre. The solution had to be adapted to the area plan that was being developed, and to present a complex that would front the area.

The site is located at an important point on the approach road to Trondheim and is one of the first built-up areas the motorist sees when approaching the city centre from the east and the last as the road leads into a tunnel leading towards the town. The project could therefore also serve as an architectural portal to Trondheim centre and a meeting place for the local community. To the south the site faces Innherredsveien. There will be considerable changes in the infrastructure in the area in connection with the E6 tunnel that begins here. Today the road is heavily congested but it will be transformed into a public transport lane at the point where it passes the site. This will allow the establishment of a pedestrian-friendly area with shops and cafés up towards the sunny southern exposure of the centre. The site is located at the intersection of many lines in the city plan and infrastructure. The architectural concept is based on a planning structure that creates tension between the main directions in the area. The aim was to create a convincing structuring of the urban space and the volumes, resulting in intended but unexpected areas of tension. In the intersection between the two main directions, recesses will be formed in the structure for entrance zones and plazas and also for the the discreet placement of a goods delivery area. The urban spaces formed in connection with the entrance areas create different facade expressions as well as variation and rhythm.

Both the municipality and the client wanted to facilitate a diversity of activities day and night. The combination of housing and health facilities on top of the shopping level is a good basis for this. The creation of space that includes plazas presents opportunities for play, outdoor cafés and encounters between visitors and residents.

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