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Year: 2012

Client: Fornebu Hotell AS

Location: Fornebu, Norway


The project resulted from winning an architecture competition.

The area is one of the most spectacular sites at Fornebu, the former airport, and forms the conclusion to both new and old urban buildings. The project is adapted to the surrounding terrain, and the levels in the hotel`s lower storeys correspond to the topography of the site. There is a natural pattern of movement through the project, allowing good contact with the surrounding areas for both motor traffic and pedestrians.

Footpaths that are included in the zoning plan are supplemented and extended to give access to the hotel from the waterfront.

From the entrance there is a diagonal movement through the hotel and down to the sea. The terrain round the hotel, excluding a rocky slope, will be landscaped as a green park and will extend all the way to the hotel`s foyer. The hotel will appear to have a distinctive horizontal emphasis, lowest towards the water and higher against the built-up areal behind.

The wings of the hotel consist of two L-shaped structures, each five stories high, which define an inner courtyard. One of the wings faces the terminal building of the former airport, while the other faces the Rolfsbukta bay. With such a stacking of the building volumes, the hotel wings will ensure favourable natural light conditions and a good view from all the rooms. Moreover, this will create an open and airy atrium towards the lobby and restaurant and give good plan efficiency.

The hotel will contain 300 rooms in total, as well as a conference and ancillary service functions.

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