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Year: 2017

Client: Private

Location: Ringstabekk


The design is comprised of a new detached house and integrated carport.

The main access lies to the north-west of the project, linking with the existing access. The entrance situation to the project allows for the easy maneuverability of cars on site.

The project is placed sensitively on site, respecting the steeply sloping topography, and is comprised of two floors that integrate into the terraced landscape. The two levels create varying degrees of privacy while also ensuring generous outdoor spaces on the relatively small site. The building therefore exploits unfavorable plots of land that are currently undeveloped.

The project is located as far west as possible on the site. It respects the location of the overlying neighbouring building to the south of the property and ensures the views southeast from this property remain.

The southwest and northeast facades of the project lie parallel with the neighbouring buildings facades. The southeast and northwest facades follow the topography, lying parallel with the steeply sloping site and existing load bearing wall that supports the terraced site.
From the north, a single storey is visible creating a modest approach. From the south, two stories project up from the terrain, with large expanses of glass focusing on the panoramic views from the site.

Flat roofs have been incorporated into the design minimising the scale of the project. Green roofs have been proposed (e.g. sedum) to integrate the building into the landscape while also giving a more attractive view for the surrounding buildings. These also have positive consequences functioning as a technical element in terms of drainage, storing water during heavy precipitation and releasing it at a delayed rate.

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