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Year: 2009

Client: Incentra Eiendom AS

Location: Trondheim, Norway


The Rica Nidelven Hotel is situated on Brattøra, on the north side of the Vestre canal, on the opposite side of the river from Trondheim’s new civic development area, Nedre Elvehavn. The hotel has been realized in two phases. The first being completed in 2003 and the second phase, including a conference hall, was completed in 2009. The hotel has a total of 349 rooms.

A new south-facing square in front of the entrance is part of this urban renewal project. This sunny square with its grove of cherry trees fronts the new flower bridge, which connects Nedre Elvehavn with the city centre. The riverside square is formed by large steps descending towards the river.

The first phase consists of a 70 meter long spine, six stories high, along Havnegaten and three wings, five stories high, at right angles to it. The wings project beyond the riverbanks since half of the hotel is built over the river. The hotel is supported on piles so that the river not only runs in front of the hotel but also under it. The hotel appears as a modern interpretation of the characteristic timber structures along the river and canal in Trondheim.

The façade is limited to three materials, timber as in the old warehouses, zinc on the Havnegaten side and a framework of timber and glass. The same materials have also been used in the second phase, so that the hotel appears as one unified complex.

Incentra Eiendom AS was the client for both phases, whilst Tupelo architects have assisted NSW in phase 2.

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