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Year: 2011

Client: Vestre Havn Bygg AS

Location: Namsos, Norway


Rock City Namsos is part of a larger development in a former industrial area of Namsos, Norway. The first phase included Rica Rock City Hotel and Rock City Namsos. Both projects are the result of a long and extensive public decision-making to establish a national resource center for pop and rock. The Parliament’s decision of 2005, proved to be necessary for the realization of Rock City, which aims to contribute to professionalize the rock industry.

Rock City and the adjoined hotel, attempt to define a distinct urban space. The former industry on neighboring sites still has a strong presence of the footprint of Rock City. The hotel is pulled back from the street and leaves a generous access space in front of the hotel and Rock City.

There was a fundamental premise to emphasize the contrast between the hotel and Rock City, both through contrasting volumes and use of materials. Whilst the hotel is covered with sheets of white Swiss Pearl, Rock City has facades of hot-rolled corten plates. The steel plates are attached by self-tapping screws to a lath system of aluminum, which in turn are fastened to the concrete outer walls. The structure of the outer wall allows a button detailing which has resulted in a clean cut form, with clear references to the original industry in the area.

Rock City houses a concert hall, a professional recording studio, exhibition spaces, two movie theatres and related service functions, as well as office space.

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