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Year: 2017

Client: OSL

Location: Gardermoen


The project for Terminal 2 and the airport extension is a result of the winning design in an international architecture competition. NSW took part in the competition with NSW A+P (now Nordic-Office of Architecture). Both companies have been involved in the detailed design process and the completion, with Nordic Architects at the helm.

The central building has been extended to the west, giving a large check-in hall, with the railway station centrally located in the complex. The roof structure has been executed in timber, the same as in the existing terminal, while diagonally crossing wooden beams span the railway station, allowing strong daylight penetration reflecting the design concept.

The new pier has been built northwards from the central building and a large triangular-shaped area, containing shops, restaurants and cafés, has been located in the connecting areal between the pier and the central building. Architecturally the new pier is subordinate to the main building. Its outer form and use of material will optimize energy consumption. The project also encompasses rebuilding and extending the road system and the airport taxing areas.

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