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Year: 1992

Client: OSL

Location: Gardermoen


The overall objective of the masterplan for Gardermoen was to create a simple and clear solution that was cost-effective, flexible, and adapted to the environment and the landscape. As a partner in Aviaplan, NSW presented two different solutions for the airport, sited to the east and to the west respectively of the original runway. However, the western alternative was rejected because of difficult ground conditions and uncertainty about factors involving approach paths. 

The new runway to the east is situated at a distance of 2.1 kilometers from the existing runway. The runways are staggered in relation to each other in order to achieve the most effective and economic aircraft flow on landing, taxiway circulation, and take-off. 

The utility buildings, parking facilities, and the terminal building are located between the runways on the landside. This ensures short transport distances both for cars on the landside and for planes on the airside. All areas are positioned so that they can be extended without affecting the neighbouring area. 

The main access roadway is elevated in relation to the surrounding terrain, and all roads cross under this, giving a good overview of the airport area and an unimpeded view of the destination. The railway runs parallel to the access road, descending to enter a tunnel under the terminal. 

Strong emphasis was placed on maintaining the natural vegetation. The road approach to the terminal follows a long curving bend, with dark conifer forest on the right side and lighter, more open cultural landscape with leafy woods on the left. About 800 meters from the destination, the conifer forest ends and the terminal building with the flight control tower appears straight ahead, welcoming the traveler. The multi-level car park is partly sunk to avoid blocking the view from the inside of the airport as well as from the outside. 

The terminal building is predominantly of glass, wood, aluminum and concrete. Roads, bridges and surrounding landscape display solid, permanent and well-designed solutions.

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