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Year: 2009

Client: Steen & Strøm AS

Location: Lørenskog


The rebuilding of Maxibygget is a total transformation of a four-storey building originally meant for industrial enterprises. Today the three lower floors contain new retail premises, with offices on the upper floors. The retail premises are connected to the new Metro Centre and form part of this.

For many years Maxibygget has been a landmark in Lørenskog because of its size, and not least its monotonous facades with characteristic horizontal window bands throughout. The building has a comb-shaped structure with four wings and courtyards facing outwards to the approach road. The transformation has moderated this structure and the spaces between the ‘prongs’ are accentuated as new and vital areas.

The refurbished Maxibygget is incorporated in the new plan for the centre of Lørenskog. The building’s main facade forms a wall in the new streetscape while the other three facades remain open to the surrounding landscape. Consequently the facade facing the street has a light plaster finish that reflects daylight in a street space surrounded by relatively high walls. The bluish-black sheet cladding on the other facades softens the impact of the building volumes against the wooded hill behind. Narrow, horizontal U-profiles recessed in the walls together with the varied positioning of windows give the cladding a sculptural effect, with the strong red of the profiles providing a colour contrast.

The centre courtyard has been transformed into an air-conditioned plaza with glazed walls and roof. The other two courtyards are partly enclosed in opaque glass in order to provide more space for retail premises.

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