Tlf: (555) 343 456 7891


Year: Estimated building start: 2018 / 2019

Client: Norges Cykleforbund , Conceptor and Hogstad Invest

Location: Asker


Langenga is a narrow and rather deep cleft near Risenga and near Asker Centre, south of Oslo.

The Clients are investing in new sports, swimming pools and school facilities, as well as 225 new apartments. The project will also include the first velodrome to be built in Norway and with a unique design. The design solution is based on the idea of pushing the large velodrome and other training facilities into the ground, thus leaving 28 da of land open for a 22.000 m2 housing varying in height from four to six floors.

The local road Langenga runs alongside the narrow site and rises towards Risenga, meeting another  group of built volume for various activities;  10.000 m2 of offices, bicycle repair shop, school/teaching activities and a nursery school with outdoor activities on the velodrome roof.

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