Tlf: (555) 343 456 7891


Year: 2015

Client: Norges Råfisklag

Location: Tromsø, Norway


Located in the city centre of Tromsø, Kystens Hus (The Coastal Seafood Centre in Northern Norway) vision is to reflect the powerful and influential traditional of the fishing industry along the Norwegian coast and northern Norway, seen in a national and international context.

Key activity areas in the building revolve around seafood, tourism, fishery, research and development (R&D). The result will hopefully also reflect on the region.

Presenting itself to the general public, as well as educational institutions, Kystens Hus will also serve as a communication channel and information platform focusing on its key activities. Here, interested parties can visit the building. Our webpage will also follow the building development and post relevant information in form of news articles, scientific results and general reports in order to learn more about important topics, such as fishery, fishery management, aquaculture, fish farming, seafood, science and R&D.

The building has been designed in order to meet current and future needs as well as reflecting the innovative and future orientated fisheries. The location is well exposed, presenting the extensive fisheries and retail activity in the area, as well as an open marina and quay promenade.




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