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Year: 1993

Client: Kongsberg City Council

Location: Kongsberg, Norway


The Town Hall was to replace the old one that burned down in 1986, but a new site was chosen next to one of Norway’s most beautiful brick churches from the 17th century.

The site is located on a plateau overlooking Laagendalen, within the 1624 town plan created by Christian IV. The plateau is surrounded on three sides by sloping landscape which highlights the district’s roof scape. Kongsberg church quietly towers above the area as a landmark of the town’s silhouette. 

Scale and materiality were central factors in the development of the design with colours and details chosen in close collaboration with The National Heritage Authorities (Riksantikvaren) to harmonize with the listed church. The Town Hall also borrows important characteristics from the old timber houses. 

The building fills a whole block in the old town plan structure. By placing a large sloping shed roof towards the adjacent street, the volume of the block increases and takes on its own form and architecture and at the same time “bowing” in respect to the listed church. The Town Hall surrounds a courtyard open to the street for everyday or festive use.

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