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Year: 2005

Client: Oslo Havn KF and ROM Eiendom AS



Filipstad is one of the larger areas of Oslo that in the course of time will be transformed from an area dominated by port activities and road traffic to an area of urban development. Filipstad forms part of Oslo’s new Fjord City.

NSW’s design proposal shows Filipstad as an integrated part of the adjoining districts to the east, north and west. Provision is made for ferry traffic, residential housing, business, schools, kindergartens and hotels. The ‘backbone’ of the project – Filipstad park with an area of approximately 85 da – opens up contact between the existing urban structures and the quays and jetties along the waterfront, while also representing a green unifying link in the new city district.

This broad green belt will serve as an arena for outdoor events and recreation, and will offer playing fields and other amenities for sports activities. At the end of the park it is planned to site Oslo Havsenter, which will contain an aquarium allowing visitors to experience aquaculture, and also function as an outstanding showcase for Norway as a maritime nation.

The proposal demands well-conceived urban structures and a varied mixture of functions. There is no desire to create a stereotyped urban district, but one with a great diversity of facilities and activities. The new city district can be developed over time, and the sub-areas can be developed independently – giving vibrant, viable zones individually and as a whole.


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