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Year: 2008

Client: Comfort Hotel

Location: Trondheim, Norway


The new hotel project occupies an entire block in Trondheim’s oldest district between Lilletorvet and Olav Tryggvasons street, with Krambugata to the west. 

The former Tax Office in Trondheim formed part of the block and was rebuilt and incorporated in the hotel, while the remaining buildings in the block were demolished. The Tax Office building posed a particular challenge with its restricted heights between the floor slabs since it had been constructed as an office building. 

In total the hotel contains 194 rooms and a breakfast room in the atrium which is used as a café during the day, as well as a small conference centre. Shop premises have been integrated facing Olav Tryggvasons street. In the extension of the existing atrium an outdoor courtyard has been constructed that is also open to the general public during the day. The courtyard gives direct access to the lobby of the hotel. 

The facades are composed of dark-stained timber with two different dimensions and at different distances from the wall behind. One part has horizontal paneling in three widths while the other has vertical slats with varying depth. All the windows are floor-to-ceiling height and are framed in patinated zinc. The elevators are placed centrally in the block with access from the courtyard and the glass-roofed atrium.

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