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Year: Schematic Design as of 2010

Client: Viking Hytter

Location: Various in relation to location (mountain or by the sea)


The Bluetooth cabin series is a modern interpretation of the Vikings way of thinking and working. Bluetooth cabins reflect Norwegian attitudes both in design, detailing and execution. High quality Norwegian materials reflect and further the Viking tradition.

Modules. Bluetooth cabins are complete modern cabins of high quality with a number of expansion options. The cabins are conceived in relation to the Norwegian landscape, both for the mountain areas and by the sea.

The 800, 900 and 1000-series are inspired by the three centuries of the Viking era, all different and each with a clear and unique expression. The series are module based, and cabins can be extended as your needs changes. Each series consists of three different modules, allowing cabin buyers great flexibility.

The 800 series¬†–¬†based on modules and prefab wall elements, adaptable to specific views and by ‚Äėframing‚Äô the nature. The living room is usually orientated towards the sun or best views and therefore has more open facades. One side wall contains storage. The flexible plan is suitable for all ages, which makes the cabin well suited for more than one generation.
Extension principle: modules for sleeping and living rooms can be added along its core axis.

The 900 series – based on modules and prefab walls arranged along an outdoor linear path which is partially integrated in the rooms, by bringing the outdoors inside, and integrating the cabin with the landscape. Bedroom and bathrooms modules can be added in the desired number, adapted to the site. The cabin are deliberately design to allow for specific site qualities to be kept. The modules can also be placed at different levels to suit the actual terrain. This principle provides a unique opportunity for individual recreational areas adapted to specific site qualities, coupled with the creation of more private spaces for family and guests. Extension principle: modules for sleeping can be added on both sides along its core axis.

The 1000 series – based on modules and prefab walls, creating a flexible and dynamic cabin area by making the layout as open as possible. Internal¬† walls are at right angles to the core, whilst the outer walls are rotated by 15 degrees. This rotation provides many exciting room alternatives and the zones vary in size. The cabin consists of a centrally located nucleus with bathroom and kitchen or bath / sauna and kitchen. The living room “floats” around the nucleus and will in this way be in close contact with the landscape qualities surrounding the cabin.

Extension principle: External wall elements for living rooms and interior partitions and sliding doors for sleeping.

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