Tlf: (555) 343 456 7891


Year: 2007

Client: Municipality of Oslo

Location: Oslo, Norway


The new secondary school houses 1100 students and is located in a multi ethnic area, 5 km outside Oslo city centre, in a former quarry. 20 meters rock walls surround the school on three sides.

The project is innovative in several ways. Modern education and flexible physical conditions were key parameters in the design development. Teaching occurs principally through projects and team work, as well as self-study groups that require different types and dimensions of rooms that are found in conventional schools. As a result, most teaching areas are located in large open areas, with adjoining and flexible work and seminar rooms of varying sizes. The solution led to a significantly more effective use of space through the omission of corridors, walls, dividers and doors.

An outdoor ramp across the rising, green terrain in front of the school, leads the student and visitor from an entry roundabout at the lowest level. The ramp takes the visitor to the sports activities and the external library functions on the lower ground floor, crossing a bridge to the main entry and the indoor meeting plaza. From this central spot, an indoor ramp continuous to the next level and the canteen continues through the teaching area to the next floor around the free-standing auditorium.

Both the school and the sports hall have an “industrial” appearance as a free-standing complex with a clear and simple form. The roof is the unifying element, the buildings` fifth façade! Window openings were made where necessary for daylight into the school’s varied volumes, via tall and airy light shafts.

The total area is approximately 60.600m2, including adjacent recreation areas and parking.

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