Tlf: (555) 343 456 7891


Year: 2009

Client: Nordicgate

Location: Oslo


Rosenhoff Fabrikker is a transformation project with 138 factory-inspired apartments. The elevated location provides stunning views across the city and all the way to the Oslo Fjord.

This factory building from 1936 housed printing presses from an important industrial era, and its great history was a major inspiration for the development of the housing project. The building structure was retained. The soffit and columns of untreated concrete represented a rough treatment as the point of departure. The new floor screed was treated as polished concrete, covering the water-based under-floor heating system. 

The conversion of the factory building to housing is reminiscent of spectacular warehouse apartments in New York. Lofty ceilings, large expanses of glass and solid structures provided intriguing parameters for the project development. A south facing courtyard was raised allowing for parking below, offering magnolia trees and grassy mounds, providing an attractive outdoor garden area for the residents. 

Although most of the apartments are different, they have many features in common such as a flow of natural light from the courtyard to the street, balconies or French windows, and shared roof terraces. The kitchen occupies a central position in the spacious apartments, offering good view of the living room. The rough finish of the interiors gives an industrial feeling in contrast with the modern bathrooms and kitchens with contemporary standards of comfort. This combination inspires the use of creative and individual furnishing.

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