Tlf: (555) 343 456 7891

Dag Myklegard

Senior Architect


One eye sees, the other feels (Paul Klee)


224 03 740


Norwegian Institute of Technology (Now NTNU), Trondheim, Diploma in Architecture, 1986



Since graduating, Dag has worked on a great variety of projects, both in Trondheim and Oslo. His experience covers all aspects of architectural work, from small to very large scale.

He is a fully fledged all-round architect who can handle everything from the most demanding design problems to the supervision of large scale projects.

Dag first joined NSW in 1985 (Branch office in Trondheim) and later re-joined NSW in 2004 (Oslo). During his years at NSW, he has been a Project Architect on a number of different commissions, ranging from new public buildings and private houses to refurbishment and new additions to historic buildings.

He has been a valuable member of a number of architectural design competitions.


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